Achieve freedom from Anxiety and Panic Attacks and gain control of your own Life again.


Sometimes we all simply need to be pointed in the right direction....


Are you ready to become Smoke Free? Learn the simple steps to quitting forever.


The natural way to take care of your Health. Any condition can be helped with Bio Energy


Identifying the symptoms of Depression is quite often the most important step towards resolving it.

CHOICES - It's not just a clever name!


Discover what your subconscious can reveal about your life and yourself. A very effective technique for dealing with many types of personal problems.


Psychotherapy is one of the most effective ways of resolving issues that may be impacting on your life.

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Irish Manifestation Association

Learn 'How Thoughts Become Things' through manifestation, and the benefits that it can bring to your everyday life.
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Many normal, everyday situations and events can impact us heavily. It pays to talk to someone about them.

Based in Annamoe, Portarlington, Offaly, Choices Holistic Centre aims to provide relief to the many problems and challenges that people face through life by using proven techniques, mixed with experience. Our professional services can help you to uncover and understand issues that have been causing problems in your life, as well as provide council and guidance when you simply need a different perspective on things.

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